Making IT your enterprise's core competence.

Internal Matters provides the conditions for IT and non-IT people learn to:
  • Apply lean and agile principles to the IT Value Stream.
  • Work together as one team, create solutions and put these into practice.
  • Fuse IT with business operations and strategies.
  • Turn business needs into IT capabilities and services that provide value.
We create hands-on experiences through Serious Games and Action Learning programs, customized to meet your specific needs and learning objectives.

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Serious Games

Apollo 13

“Houston, we have a problem!”
Mission Operation Control must save the crew by applying IT Service Management principles (based on ITIL) and work together as one team. Failure is not an option…

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Lean IT

CarWorks is a successful car manufacturing company, facing strong competition and rapidly changing consumer demands. The company must innovate their products and streamline the way they produce cars…

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The Phoenix Project

Parts Unlimited is in trouble. Newspaper reports reveal poor financial performance. The only way to save the company and make it competitive and profitable again is The Phoenix Project…

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Agile Projects
Challenge of Egypt

The Pharaoh wants a pyramid to secure his afterlife. The High Priest and a team of experts must decide which products they will develop in the first SPRINT. Step by step all products will be developed using AGILE principles…

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Grab@Pizza sells millions of pizza´s a year, but now the financial results are far below expectations. Within 6 months, sales and profit must be back on target. IT is a crucial enabler for the business strategy to succeed…

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Serious Games

Serious Games are highly interactive workshops in which people work as a team on challenging issues within a simulated environment. This environment can be the same or totally different from the “normal” workplace...

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