Making IT your enterprise's core competence.

Internal Matters provides the conditions for IT and non-IT people learn to:
  • Apply lean and agile principles to the IT Value Stream.
  • Work together as one team, create solutions and put these into practice.
  • Fuse IT with business operations and strategies.
  • Turn business needs into IT capabilities and services that provide value.
We create hands-on experiences through Serious Games and Action Learning programs, customized to meet your specific needs and learning objectives.

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Apollo 13 – an ITSM Case Experience

Why Apollo 13?
IT as an enterprise´s core competence requires IT Service Management to be a strategic capability. A lack of this capability forms a risk to the business. Apollo 13 helps develop the practical knowledge to translate ITSM theory into practice and get results.

Apollo 13 can support many ITSM learning initiatives, or be a part of an organizational development program. Break down silos, improve teamwork and communication, become more customer focused or learn to apply ITIL theory are just a few possibilities.

It depends on what your organization is trying to achieve, where you are on your ITSM journey and the problems and issues you are facing and want to solve. These are some of the objectives achieved during this training:

  • Apply ITSM best practices and learn the essence of ITSM.
  • Measure and improve performance.
  • Stay customer focused and set the right priorities based on customer impact.
  • Develop communications and team competences.

The Game
Participants are a member of the NASA Mission Control Centre that supports the crew during the Apollo 13 Mission.

In 4 rounds they experience the full life-cycle of a service: design services and processes, implement and execute them and apply continual improvement practices to ensure mission success.

The team will be challenged with events, problems, changes and increasing business demand. ITSM best practices must be applied in order to be successful. They guide the crew through the launch, journey to and from the moon, to a safe return and splashdown, at the same time realizing the strategic goals for the mission.

    Duration: 1 - 2 days, depending on the concept
   Number of participants: 8 – 15
   Expertise: basic understanding of ITSM is beneficial
     Visit our Apollo 13 website for more details (German)