Making IT your enterprise's core competence.

Internal Matters provides the conditions for IT and non-IT people learn to:
  • Apply lean and agile principles to the IT Value Stream.
  • Work together as one team, create solutions and put these into practice.
  • Fuse IT with business operations and strategies.
  • Turn business needs into IT capabilities and services that provide value.
We create hands-on experiences through Serious Games and Action Learning programs, customized to meet your specific needs and learning objectives.

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Why Grab@Pizza?
Business-IT Alignment (BITA) has been a top CIO concern for more than 10 years. Still 70% of the IT departments are unable to demonstrate value to their business. The relationship is under strain and IT must improve. Meanwhile, new, disruptive technologies have emerged and the business expects IT come up with new solutions quickly. In this setting Grab@Pizza can be of great value to both IT and business representatives.

Grab@Pizza enables participants to engage in a dialogue to create mutual understanding between the business and IT. They learn to:

  • Translate business strategy into IT strategy.
  • Balance IT investments and agree and align priorities.
  • Use the Jerry Luftman BITA model to identify improvement areas.
  • Implement effective communication and governance processes.
  • Develop an effective customer focus and appreciate IT´s role.

The Game
Grab@Pizza is a very successful company selling millions of Pizza’s a year. But after 6 months in the current year, sales is far below expectations. The CEO urged the Business Manager to make a challenging recovery plan. This plan is based on a 6 month strategy to bring sales and profit back on target.

IT is a crucial enabler for reaching new markets, streamlining processes and reducing administrative overheads. The IT department must organize themselves to meet the business demands, translate these into an IT strategy and organize IT Support, IT Operations and Change Management to ensure that the business is successful at the end of the simulation.

     Duration: 1 day
    Number of participants: 8 – 12
   Expertise: basic understanding of ITSM