Making IT your enterprise's core competence.

Internal Matters provides the conditions for IT and non-IT people learn to:
  • Apply lean and agile principles to the IT Value Stream.
  • Work together as one team, create solutions and put these into practice.
  • Fuse IT with business operations and strategies.
  • Turn business needs into IT capabilities and services that provide value.
We create hands-on experiences through Serious Games and Action Learning programs, customized to meet your specific needs and learning objectives.

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Challenge of Egypt

Why the Challenge of Egypt?
Too many projects fail, burning stacks of money in the process. The project management world is urgently looking for new ways of managing projects. AGILE and SCRUM seem to be the solution for projects dealing with fast changing customer demands and requirements. But, AGILE projects are completely different from traditional ones. The Challenge of Egypt helps to understand and learn to manage the dynamics that comes with running AGILE projects.

Typical learning objectives of the Challenge of Egypt are:

  • Explore and apply AGILE principles and processes.
  • Increase project performance and customer value.
  • Understand project roles and dependencies in an AGILE setting.
  • Improve teamwork and identify improvements to the way projects are managed and run in the clients organization.

The Game
Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh wants to secure his afterlife and has a meeting with the High Priest. It is clear that the knowledge of different experts is needed and a workshop is planned where architects, risk experts, the quarry supervisor, Nile carriers and construction worker representatives are expected to attend.

The experts interview the Pharaoh and create a list of products to be delivered. Based on this list they decide which products they can develop in the first SPRINT. Step by step all required products must be developed. The project faces natural disasters and man-made events. And even if the requirements of the Pharaoh change, the team will handle all these occurrences using AGILE principles.

     Duration: 1 day
    Number of participants: 8 – 12
   Expertise: basic PM understanding is beneficial