Making IT your enterprise's core competence.

Internal Matters provides the conditions for IT and non-IT people learn to:
  • Apply lean and agile principles to the IT Value Stream.
  • Work together as one team, create solutions and put these into practice.
  • Fuse IT with business operations and strategies.
  • Turn business needs into IT capabilities and services that provide value.
We create hands-on experiences through Serious Games and Action Learning programs, customized to meet your specific needs and learning objectives.

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Why CarWorks?
To become more competitive, or align witch changing customer and market demands, (IT) organizations must change the way they operate. Simultaneously the pace of change increases and change is becoming the new normal. Continual improvement is a core capability. Large, expensive, disruptive organizational programs are increasingly difficult to justify. Change must be quick, adaptive, focused at reducing waste and costs and deliver value to customers.

CarWorks enables participants to learn about different aspects of LEAN and Six Sigma, e.g.:

  • How to use LEAN to reduce waste and costs, increase revenue, profit and customer value.
  • Apply effective measurement instruments to monitor and improve process performance.
  • Adjust to changing market demands and improve time to market.

The Game
Participants work in the factory of CarWorks in one of the following divisions: Planning, Purchasing, Finance, Sales or Production.

As a team they must design and execute processes to produce cars and meet the sales contracts. Market and customer demands increase and change rapidly.

In 4 rounds the team will be facing many opportunities to succeed… or fail. They must streamline their processes in order to reduce wastage and costs. They must also innovate products and implement new processes to become competitive again.

     Duration: 1 day
    Number of participants: 8 – 12
   Expertise: no specific requirements